Special areas

Special exhibition areas inspire the attendees with regard to the latest developments and applications in laser technology.

Additive Manufacturing Pavilion—AM 2023

Additive manufacturing is proving to be great enabling technology for various industries with major impact seen in automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical. Small numbers as well as complex components from various materials can thus be manufactured cost-effectively and in less time. The market for 3D printer prototyping and materials in India is projected to reach over USD 62 million by 2022.

The Additive Manufacturing Pavilion will showcase laser based and 3D printed products, components and LIVE demonstration of laser-based systems and 3D printers. The pavilion will be an eye-opener to new start-ups and other industrial and scientific experts visiting the area.

ASMI Conference brings together engineers, scientists, designers and educaters across the globe to share knowledge, best practices, challenges and applications in 3D printing & Additive Manufacturing.

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Smart Manufacturing Pavilion

Massive manufacturing surge and the growing need to improve productivity and reduce process time and costs are making smart manufacturing imperative. It plays a crucial role in overcoming various challenges related to assembly and production lines, space constraints, and the adoption of new technologies and automation.

The Smart Manufacturing Pavilion has been created to showcase technologies related to lasers, robots and automation and bring various manufacturing sectors under one roof to source the innovative technologies at the upcoming edition of LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA 2023.

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