Special areas

Special area at LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA

Special exhibition areas inspire the attendees with regard to the latest developments and applications in laser technology.

3rd Additive Manufacturing Insight Pavilion

Additive Manufacturing exhibit zoom

Additive manufacturing is proving to be great enabling technology for various industries with major impact seen in automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical. Small numbers as well as complex components from various materials can thus be manufactured cost-effectively and in less time. The market for 3D printer prototyping and materials in India is projected to reach over USD 62 million by 2022.

The 3rd edition of Additive Manufacturing Insight Pavilion will showcase laser based and 3D printed products, component and LIVE demonstration of laser-based systems and 3D printers. The pavilion will be an eye-opener to new start-ups and other industrial and scientific experts visiting the area.

Outlook on Additive Manufacturing Insight 2019

  • Live demonstration of latest additive machines, software and raw materials
  • Conference program on topics related to research and industrial applications
  • Networking opportunities with top decision makers

4th Machine Vision Pavilion

Thermal imaging camera exhibit zoom

Machine Vision helps to optimize processes, improve quality and makes production more efficient. Industrial image processing is a key technology and one of the main focus topics of LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA. This exhibition sector features a comprehensive range of all products and applications exactly where your target group can be found: in the immediate vicinity of the other exhibition sectors Optics, Test and measurement and Laser systems for production engineering.

The 4th edition of the Machine Vision Pavilion brings together a complete range of machine vision solutions under one roof. The visitor attending the area will explore product segments such as camera, sensors software, lighting and other vision. The attendees appreciate seeing the latest trends and innovation in machine vision with LIVE demonstration of vision products and their applications.